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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Things Are Lookin' Up!

My knitting has been on the back burner for a while, however, thinks are looking up. I recently completed a small project for Mother Bear and I'm currently working on a Jeager cardigan I started last year. For the past month, I've been vacationing in Vietnam and Japan. Last month, I visited Vietnam where I stayed in Ho Chi Minh City and Pandarus Resort. There were many beautiful sights and the shopping was fantastic. The city was crowded with a variety of street vendors and markets offering great bargains. The main mode of transportation was scooters. There were hundreds of scooters with as many as four people on one. The weather was extremely hot and humid. Amidst the heat and humidity, I found a few ladies sitting on the sidewalk knitting sweaters and scarves. I also managed to find a few small yarn shops and a few sidewalk vendors selling yarn. The yarn was sold in plastic tote bags each containing 6 balls of yarn, 2-50g and 4-100g balls. At such a great bargain, I couldn't walk away without making a purchase. I purchased two bags of 100% Wool, one of mocha and one of powder blue. The pictures below are of Pandarus Resort, Ho Chi Minh City, a ride around the city with friends and my yarn purchase.

I decided to use some of the yarn I purchased in Vietnam to make a bear for the Mother Bear Project. The project is a non-profit group dedicated to providing comfort and hope to children, primarily those affected by HIV/AIDS in emerging nations, by giving them a gift of love in the form of hand-knit and crocheted bears. The pattern is simple and is a quick knit. I've volunteered to teach the pattern to a few ladies from my Church group. In a few weeks, I'll post pictures of our progress.

After returning from Vietnam, my husband and I decided to take our daughter to Fukuoka, Japan for Spring Break. The city was beautiful and pristine. We visited a few museums, but mostly we relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful city and the Cherry Blossoms. At the hotel, I asked about yarn shops in the area and was given directions to a craft store. Craft World was located on the fifth floor of the Hakata bus terminal. To my surprise, the store had a great selection of yarn, Japanese knitting books and the cutest knitting and crochet kits. In addition to yarn, the store had a large selection of beads, fabric, sewing notions and many other craft supplies. Luckily the store was near the hotel because I needed two visits before deciding on my purchase. On my second visit to the store, I decided to purchase a Let's Knit Series book, nine balls of Diababy...Diamond Knitting Yarn and a few knitting notions. I plan to use the yarn to make a baby blanket. My daughter, who enjoys making pom-pom animals, purchased a variety of Clover pom-pom makers in the picture below.


  • At 9:34 PM, Blogger handknit168 said…

    It always has fun to visit yarn shop when travelling. I have gone to a big yarn shop at Tokyo, of which I have posted in my blog.

  • At 10:38 PM, Blogger Wool Winder said…

    I will probably never have a chance to travel outside this country, so seeing your pictures is the next best thing. I enjoyed them very much!

    The bear is adorable!

    How fun to be able to buy yarn from a street vendor.

    I don't think we can buy the Clover pom-pom makers over here. I'm going to have the check again, because they look so much nicer than the one I have.

  • At 10:43 PM, Blogger opportunityknits said…

    Oh how wonderful to find yarn when you travelled to these places!

  • At 11:10 PM, Anonymous Judy said…

    WOW! What a whirlwind of great travels and yarn purchases. It's great to have you back, and thanks for sharing all of the great photos. (Job well done!) Guess what? I just received two Japanese knitting booklets in the mail. I'll shoot a photo and post it. Also, I found a few websites for help in translation that I'll share with you.

  • At 1:06 AM, Anonymous Judy said…

    I forgot to mention how cute your bear is! I have this pattern with the intentions to contribute to this charity as well. Very cute!

  • At 8:50 PM, Blogger Craftlover said…

    This is also my dream to go to Japan's Knitting/yarn store to buy their great stuffs....

  • At 1:04 AM, Blogger Samantha said…

    I live in HCMC, and haven't been able to find yarn anywhere? You wouldn't happen to recall where it was (street? shop?) that you found the yarn for sale, would you?

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

  • At 10:15 AM, Blogger Andrea said…

    Hello Samantha,

    I wanted to comment your blog but your profile is not accessible. There are approx. two small yarn shops and two sidewalk shops. The shops are located near the Nhat Ha hotel.
    Leaving the hotel, turn left towards the markets and walk approx. three blocks. The shops are located almost next to each other. In order to find the shops, you must look closely at each shop on that street…they’re not the typical yarn shops. If you walk pass the Cajun Crawfish Restaurant (on the right side of the street), across the street from the popular sandwich shop, you’ve gone too far.

    The yarn is mostly wool and acrylic imported from China.

    Also, I was able to find a few knitting books at Xuan Thu book store. To find the bookstore, continue walking on the same street as the yarn shops. Once you've passed the second Vietnam Airlines Office (On the corner)turn right and cross the street. The book store is located on that block.

    Reply with your findings.

  • At 3:21 PM, Blogger Samantha said…

    Ah, thank you! Yes, I am familiar with the Xuan Thu Fahasa, it's one of the few places that has current fiction in English for sale.

    I think I know exactly where those shops are located, one of my favorite bun cua stands is right near there.

    Thank you very much for the assistance! I was despairing of ever finding more yarn supplies here.

    Oh, and I don't actually have a blog here, I just use the profile for commenting.

  • At 10:11 AM, Blogger JL said…

    I m in the knitting beary "fever" now. May i share the patter, plese. thank you.


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