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Monday, August 14, 2006

Sit and Knit in South Korea

Knitting & Crocheting in South Korea
A sit and knit day at one of the local yarn shops in South Korea. Although the ladies don't speak English, we managed to communicate enough to complete the bag below. After the bag was completed, the shop owner walked me to the sewing shop to have the handles, lining and zipper sewn on.

Knitting in South Korea
Here is a photo of the shop owner and myself. It's the best picture my daughter could sneak in because the shop owner is a little camera shy. Located just behind the shop owner are the knitting needles. The needles cost fifty cent for any size, but if you purchase a few balls of yarn, the needles are free. Also, if you purchase yarn at the shop, the classes are free.

Bag knit in Korea
The lining has three pockets and a large zippered section. A hard base was added to the bottom of the bag for stability.

Bag Knit in Korea 2
The bag was knit and crochet using two strands of yarn held together. The flowers and top of the bag were crochet.